Rocky Mountain College biology students get a broad exposure to the three main areas of biology: cell and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, and evolution and ecology. Our goal is that RMC graduates, no matter what career path they may choose, will have a solid understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of life, the design and function of individual organisms, and the ecological interactions between organisms. We emphasize research skills, experimental design, and data analysis throughout all the courses in our curriculum, starting with the first-year courses. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of academic and career options through internships, extra electives, and multiple majors and minor areas of study.

Points of Distinction:

  • Close interactions with faculty and small classes;
  • Emphasis on the development or oral and writing skills;
  • Cadaver dissection for anatomy and physiology students;
  • Close connection with the local medical community for internship experiences; and 
  • Pryor Mountains and Yellowstone National Park as lab sites for ecology students.

Success Stories:

  • Dr. Allen Keebler is a staff anesthesiologist at The Cleveland Clinic;
  • Dr. Kevin Harada is now in a residency program;
  • Dr. Nicole Nilson is a surgical pathologist in Tennessee;
  • Kasey Konesky, Ph.D., is a biochemist;
  • Patrick Wolters is a laboratory technician at Energy Laboratories;
  • Anna LaFountain is a sanitarian with RiverStone Health;
  • Sam Bruner and Mike Hodges are biology teachers in Montana; and
  • Heather Heggem, PA-C, is a cardiology physician assistant now directing the RMC PA program.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following Biology majors and minors:

Bachelor of Science

  • Biology
  • Biology Education (see also Education)
  • Science Broadfield Education Biology (see also Education)


  • Biology
  • Biology Education