Work Study Employment

Employment in the work study program can provide students with valuable experiences and training for future employment.

Work study is earn-as-you-go aid. Students earn work study money as they work the hours, rather than the funds being directly credited toward tuition like grants, scholarships, and loans. RMC students participating in the work study program are paid on the 12th of each month for the actual hours worked during the preceding month.

Work study is awarded by the Office of Financial Aid to eligible full-time students as part of their financial aid package. Work study is the last source of funding to be added to a student's award package after their maximum federal and institutional grants, scholarships, and loans have been determined.

Priority for work study awards is given to students who have demonstrated the greatest financial need as determined by a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These students will be awarded federal college work study.

We recognize that there are some student positions that require a special skill set, such as class tutors, academic lab assistants, life guards, etc., that cannot be filled by a student who does not possess the required knowledge or skills. Institutional work study may be awarded to specific students needed to fill these positions upon request of their supervisor, and they do not necessarily need to show financial need. International students will be considered for RMC campus employment if they request it.

Funding for federal and institutional work study is limited and is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If a student who has not been awarded work study requests it to be added to their award, every effort will be made to accommodate that request. If work cannot be added to their award at the time of the request, the student may be placed on a waiting list. If funds become available, students on the waiting list will be considered for an award based on their eligibility.

Work study jobs are available in various areas on campus or in an off-campus community service organization. Students must qualify for federal work study to qualify for off-campus jobs. On average, students work 10 hours per week. Employers often allow flexibility to accommodate class schedules, and students are encouraged to be involved in extracurricular activities at Rocky Mountain College. They must, however, be responsible employees. Sports, clubs, trips, meetings, functions, etc., may interfere with work schedules, and students should communicate any schedule conflicts to their supervisors. Students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress while in a work study program.

Many students qualify for the work study program, which makes the work study program competitive. RMC cannot guarantee a student will obtain a work study job and/or earn the amount they are awarded. Job availability, funding issues, and class schedules can prevent a student from participating in work study. It is up to each student to seek, apply for, and secure a work study position.

Students must read and accept the RMC Student Employment Policy and Procedures to participate in the work study program. Consult the Student Work Study Process Guide for more information about getting approval.

Four Easy Steps to Obtaining a Work Study Opportunity

  1. View a current listing of available work study opportunities in RMC CareerLink.
  2. Pick up the Work Study Authorization Form in the Office of Financial Aid in Prescott Hall.
  3. Contact the work study supervisor for the position(s) you are interested in.
  4. Once you have obtained a position(s), visit the Human Resources Office in Eaton Hall with employment documents (Social Security card, passport, birth certificate, voided check, etc.).