Art at Rocky Mountain College is about more than the classes you will take. It's about where you will take them, from whom you will take them, and most importantly, what you will find once you take them.

Rocky Mountain College prizes our art faculty. Professors Mark Moak and Jim Baken lead the way with fascinating classes ranging from metalsmithing and jewelry making to sculpting and painting. If you delve into the art history classes, you might find yourself studying original paintings in the museums of Europe, listening to Professor Moak speak of his 20-year replication project of a 3,500-year-old Minoan god figurine, or discussing with Professor Baken the relationship between primitive tools and art.

By it's very nature, art is a hands-on practice, but at Rocky Mountain College, we take it a little further. One graduate recalls "making a Lewis and Clark-style dug-out cottonwood canoe in sculpting, a 4 1/2 foot Braveheart-style sword in metalsmith and jewelry, and working on a Monet replica" in one of his painting classes. At RMC, students not only learn the foundations of art, but they create and build their own artistic foundations as well. 

Art is an important and integral part of Rocky Mountain College - you can't get very far on the beautiful campus of RMC without running into one of the many sculptures or pieces of art to be found.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following Art majors and minors:

Bachelor of Arts


  • Art
  • Art Education