Rocky Mountain College's English program is at the heart of the College's liberal arts mission, serving students with widely divergent interests, but united by a fascination with literature, ideas, language, and writing. The English major offers concentrations in literary studies, which focuses on the traditional American and British literature curriculum; English education, which prepares students for careers in teaching English at the secondary level; and creative writing, through which students can follow their own creative genius while developing their writing skills. We also offer minors in writing, literary studies, and English education.

In addition, the English program contributes to the education of all RMC students by offering literature courses to fulfill the College's general education requirements, as well as many writing courses, including the freshmen sequence of two composition courses, the cornerstone to success in college and beyond. All of these majors and minors enable students to develop skills that will become the foundation for careers, for life-long learning, and for continuing appreciation of great literature, inspiring ideas, and creative expression.

Our highly qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic English faculty encompass a wide range of interests and specialties, but all share a dedication to our students, to opening the world of literature and writing, and to helping students develop the skills they need to pursue their own dreams and career goals.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following English major concentrations and minors:

Bachelor of Arts in English

  • Literary Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • English Education (see also Education)


  • Literary Studies
  • Writing
  • English Education